A year in the tradition of the Sámi has the same division as a reindeer herding Sámi year – eight seasons: Winter / Dálvi – Springwinter / Giđđadálvi – Spring / Giđđa – Springsummer / Giđđageassi – Summer / Geassi – Fallsummer / Čakcageassi – Fall / Čakca – Fallwinter / Čakcadálvi.

The Sami have different tasks in the different seasons. The reindeer herding Sami have their chores and the sea Sami have theirs, but there are some similarities between these. The eight seasons are most relevant for those who run traditional industries such as reindeer husbandry or farming / fishing. The division of the months is also divided in the middle of the months. Read more below about our offers in the different Sami seasons.

Dálvi (winter)

From December to February it is polar nights, and the daylight is gone. The northern lights often play in the sky.

At this time of year it is time for farming in the barn, duodji and winter fishing for cod. During a visit to us, our guests can go skiing, go on a summit hike, ride a snowmobile, do ice climbing and play on ice, take a walk in the forest on snowshoes, or ride a dog sled. Or just take a walk along the roads with a kicksled.

Giđđadálvi (springwinter)

In February and March the days become longer and brighter, and the sun has returned to the north of Norway. It is still farming inhouse, and fishing for cod is now taking place. This is also the season for drying meat. The first fishing tourists often arrive at this time of year. For activities, the conditions are good for skiing (including cross-country skiing on groomed trails), summit hikes, snowmobile rides, ice fishing in the mountains, dog sledding and tour with kicksled and snowshoe rides.

Giđđa (spring)

When spring comes in April-May, there are still fantastic conditions for skiing in the mountains, or a ski trip on groomed trails. In the barn there is lambing time, while outside you can do egg collecting and ice fishing. It is beginning to be possible to use a bicycle, but at the same time you can still go on snowshoes and skis/cross-country skiing, summit hikes, and ride a snowmobile and dog sled. A snowmobile ride can be combined with ice fishing in the mountains.

Giđđageassi (springsummer)

Now in May-June we are heading towards summer, but still there are opportunities for winter activities – such as glacier walks. Planting is now taking place at the same time as salmon seine fishing and egg collection. With us you can do deep sea fishing, river fishing, cycling, mountain biking, hiking and river paddling.

Geassi (summer)

In the period of summer, in June-August, it is really time to try out the good fishing opportunities in Lyngenfjorden and Kåfjorden. For example, fishing for saithe. It is also time for haymaking now, and salmon seine fishing is still going on. Other activities are cycling, mountain biking, hiking, summit hikes, bungee jumping, fishing in the mountains, fishing in the rivers/salmon fishing, canoeing and river paddling. It is also festival time. Mulberries also begin to ripen for picking.

Čakcageassi (autumnsummer)

In the autumn, August-September it is high season for berries and hunting. Now you can fish for saithe, herring, flounder and halibut in the fjord. There are mushrooms and berries in the woods that can be picked, an it is time to harvest potatoes. Conditions are still good for sea-fishing, or trips by bike along the roads and in the terrain, bungee jumping, go hiking, hunting in the woods and mountains, pick berries and paddle on the sea or in the mountain lakes and rivers.

Čakca (autumn)

Late autumn, in October-November before daylight disappears, it’s time to gather the sheep for the cut for wool and slaughter. Haddock, cod and herring can be caught during fishing. This is also the time to go looking for objects used in duodji in the woods.

Our guests can go deep sea fishing, cycling, mountain biking, go hiking and/or hunting, pick berries, or go for ice climbing.

Čakcadálvi (autumnwinter)

Now the sheep are inside the barn again for the winter, and the daylight are almost gone. There are still opportunities to hunt – even for the northern lights. Duodji is a common activity. In the polar nights in November-December, we can arrange meetings, conferences and Christmas dinners on request. With 32 beds, meeting rooms and a restaurant, Manndalen can be a nice place to arrange a corporate gathering and Christmas gatherings. There are opportunities for skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, dog sledding or snowmobiling, a walk on snowshoes or ice climbing and ice skating.