Are you renting a boat?

For guests who rent a boat, a statutory catch report must be sent after each trip.

Catch reporting is done through the service. This requires the fisherman to register a free user profile on, and add Manndalen Sjøbuer to the list of companies that can assosiate your user profile with one of our boats for fishing.

You can create a user by filling in the FORM YOU CAN FIND HERE (opens in a new window), remember that the user profile must be confirmed via the email you receive when you have filled in the form.

After completing the registration, it is necessary that you log in and allow us to link your user account to us

Below you can see how to add Manndalen Sjøbuer to your individual list of companies that are allowed to assosiate their boats with your profile, which is necessary for us to hook you up with the boat you will be using.

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